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Generally I do not have pre-made items on hand to sell.  Every item is custom made to order from start to finish.  Please plan ahead and place order as early as possible. Randomly I will post flash sales or pre-orders, please follow along Facebook & Instagram for updates.  

Desserts are not considered booked until full payment or booking deposit is received



Sugar & Lace Custom Desserts will not provide desserts when other desserts are provided by another baker without consent.  A lot of work goes into each creation to ensure that each item is beautiful & delicious.  It is unfair to our brand if other desserts are confused with ours.  It is also a cause for liability concerns.

Celebration  & Wedding Cakes:


Each cake is designed on an individual basis, making it unique for your special celebration.  I am honored to play a part in making lasting memories.


Pricing for each cake is based on the number of servings/size, level of detail and the flavors involved.  Custom cakes start around $5 per serving.  See the CAKE Gallery page for additional pricing details.  I ask for a minimum 2 week notice for ordering custom cakes.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are working with a shorter time frame.


Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes will be quoted after a consultation.  Consultations take place via email so that everything is documented.  Please provide as much information about your event and vision as possible so that we can create the perfect accent to your special day.


Upon booking for Wedding a 50% deposit is required to secure the date.  The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.  Venmo, Paypal & Credit or Debit Cards all accepted.  

Delivery and Set-up: Delivery and setup is recommended for all wedding & tiered cakes.  If you want to pick up your cake, please make arrangements beforehand to set up a time.  Please arrive to pick up your cakes on time and see Pickup Waiver below.


Pick-up waiver


It is our recommendation to always have your cake delivered. If you have chosen to have your cake picked up, Sugar & Lace Custom Desserts is NOT responsible for damage to any cake once it has left our shop. Cakes are made with ingredients that will MELT IN HEAT and cakes should never be left in direct sunlight or in a vehicle. Cakes should be transported in a cool and flat area with plenty of space (the floorboard of a car or backseat is not suggested). If you are picking up a cake we strongly urge you to use a vehicle with a large flat surface and if possible something with fold down seats allowing for air conditioning to reach the cake. Speed is not a factor. Cakes don’t care how fast you go as long as you don’t slam on the breaks at the light or cause G-forces going around a corner. Never hold a cake in your lap. You will wind up wearing it or will need therapy from the stress. Rural areas – avoid the gravel, washboard and pot hole filled roads or drive very slowly on them. Any repairs or additional cakes will be subject to additional fees.




2 weeks minimum notice for cancellations.


Dietary Restrictions


I am able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, including dairy free and gluten free.  However I do not provide my products to those with serious allergies as items may come in contact with allergens.  

Allergy Notice

Products may contain or come in contact with milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, cocoa or other allergens.  While every precaution will be taken in cases of dietary restrictions, it remains the responsibility of the client to inform guests.  Sugar & Lace Custom Desserts is not responsible for allergic reactions.

Delivery & Set-up

Delivery is available for a fee on orders over $50 and is determined based on location/travel time.  Dessert table setups start at $45.  This includes displaying desserts provided by Sugar & Lace Custom Desserts only.  Set-up fee beyond starting price is determined by degree of detail required for layout design and quantity of desserts. 

Once desserts are delivered and set-up, Sugar & Lace Custom Desserts is no longer responsible for damage to the desserts cause by a guest, caterer, any other person or element not affiliated with Sugar & Lace Custom Desserts.  (e.g. desserts being moved, table being bumped, temperature, etc...)


Sugar & Lace Custom Desserts reserves the right to use any photographs of the finished cakes. 


Unfortunately I am unable to ship cakes at this time BUT shipping is available for Cookies, Cake Jars & Toppers.


Due to the overwhelming amount of donation requests we receive on a daily basis, we ask that all requests be submitted via email to  Please include a letter explaining what charity you represent, what the desserts will be used for, and your non-profit tax ID number.  Please understand that we are unable to fulfill ALL requests.

Accepted Forms of Payment 

Credit Cards, PayPal, Venmo 



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